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I am an intuitive metaphysical healer. I am certified in an extensive number of alternative healing modalities and have  integrated these with my clairvoyant abilities to create a highly developed intuitive metaphysical practice. Via communication with the angelic realm and Higher Self, I am able to focus in on my client’s challenges, and channel guidance for their highest good.

Through simple breathing techniques, energetic blockages are released to allow for emotional and physical healing, as well as mental clarity.  My other abilities include channeling in energy for physical well being and serving as a medium for deceased loved ones. I am also a successful telepathic communicator with pets and children who may be having challenging issues.

I was born and raised in New York City where I practice part time at The Brand Wellness Center.  I have just recently attained my Master of Science degree in  Acupuncture.   

I am the author of Enlightened Indigo Child, an important book for people with high sensitivities to food, other people and environmental toxins. 

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     I am certified  in the following modalities:

Reiki Master Teacher
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Somaenergetics Sound Therapy
Reconnective Healing
The Reconnection
Quantum Energy Transformation
Angel Practitioner (ACP)
  Additional training in:

Biogenesis Crystal Therapy

Emotional Freedom Technique


Angel Therapy

24 Strand DNA Activation


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   Spiritual healing with your angelic guides through DiandraHealer.

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